The Mindful Eater


Are you tired of yo-yo dieting?
Are you tired of restrictive meal plans?
Are you tired of weight loss programs that give temporary results?


Would you like to lose weight and have it stay off?
Would you like a system that helps you keep a healthy weight while eating all your favourite foods?
Would you like to finally master the basics to lifelong healthy habits?


Over the years, from my personal experience and working with clients on weight loss/management I have found that all it takes to stay in shape is practicing a few key habits.
An important part of weight loss is your relationship with food and I know this can be overwhelming. I have created a simple, doable and sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle.
With this simple system you no longer have to jump from one weight loss program to the other. You can learn about this simple system in my book “The Mindful Eater”


The Mindful Eater is a guide to eating healthy without restrictive dieting. It’s a guide to optimising your health through simple, doable habits. It is not depravation, rather it is key to enjoying all your favourite foods and still stay in shape.


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