Tochi Okafor

The Founder, The Excited Living Company

Tochi Okafor holds a Degree in Psychology from the University of Surrey UK. She has enjoyed a versatile career path across industries over the years such as Fashion retail, banking and oil & gas, which has provided her with a rich perspective on life and business. However, her lifelong interest around the subject of self-improvement remained with her and after several personal experiences and epiphanies, life-coaching showed itself a perfect career fit. With numerous training in different parts of the world, she embarked on a career as a Wellness Consultant. Tochi has given herself to raising the level of awareness around the subject of wellness and bringing more people to an improved overall state of “balance”. She developed the seven dimensions to wellness: a simple and yet comprehensive system she believes will help anyone better understand, apply and enjoy the benefits of wellness. She believes -at the very least- that the seven dimensions to wellness will help people pay attention to themselves in simple ways that make all the difference. She founded The Excited Living Company to serve as a platform to inspire and nurture growth with the seven dimensions to wellness. She features monthly in the Saturday Vanguard Newspaper titled “The Wellness Corner”. Tochi lives by a personal philosophy that “Everything can be improved” – You can read more of her work on her personal website.

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