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We inspire and nurture growth with the seven dimensions to wellness.

Physical Wellness

The physical aspect to wellness encourages our knowledge about nutrition, exercise and rest while discouraging the use of substances, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

Relational Wellness

The relational dimension emphasizes the interdependence between an individual, others and their environment.

Intellectual Wellness

The intellectual dimension encourages a person's creativity by engaging in stimulating mental activities.

Mental Wellness

The mental dimension encourages a person's desire to realize their own potential, build the capacity to cope with everyday stress while engaging in productive and fruitful work.

Emotional Wellness

The emotional wellness includes the degree to which an individual feels positive and enthusiastic about themselves and their own life.

Spiritual Wellness

The spiritual dimension recognizes our search for meaning and purpose in our human existence.

Financial Wellness

The financial dimension encourages our awareness to money. It includes the necessary attention given to the how to make, keep and grow money.

Who We Are

We are Africa's Premier Wellness Agency. We serve as a platform to educate on the importance of balance by creating the awareness of all that exists and contributes to the positive wellbeing of an individual.

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A session designed to educate on strategies to manage everyday stresses & improve one's overall wellbeing.



Personalized Meal Plans, Diagnosis Management, Design Your Body



An individual retreat helps you breakaway from your everyday routine to refresh, relax and rejuvenate.



Team & Executive Retreats, Team Bonding, Fitness and Exercise Retreats


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